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Legendary Lands and Creatures

Monsters of the Deep

The sea is stormy and powerful, mysterious and scary. It almost acts like a creature itself, so it's natural that so many mythical stories have emerged from its watery depths. Over centuries, explorers, including Christopher Columbus, have claimed to see mermaids and mermen and even a gigantic octopus! But Nessie, also known as The Loch Ness Monster, may be the most legendary of all, with sightings stretching back over the last 1,500 years. These and many other water sightings have captivated people across the entire world. The question is, what do you believe?

what you’ll need

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone and access to the internet
  • Construction paper
  • Poster board (or 4 sheets of regular paper taped together)
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Any kind of play-dough (here’s an easy homemade recipe)



Ask About Today

Is Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, real? Why or why not? What other creatures did you learn about?

Dinner Discussion

If you were crossing the ocean, which mythical ocean creature would you want to run into? Why?

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15-30 minutes

Get your feet wet with an introduction to some of the most legendary underwater creatures.


Release the Kraken!

It’s time to release the Kraken—a giant, squid-like creature from Nordic folklore. Join Dr. Emily Zarka and investigate the Kraken’s history.


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Megalodon, AKA Giant Dino-Shark

Meet the Megalodon, a real-life sea monster that existed 2.6 million years ago.


What Lurks in Loch Ness?

Join Colossal Mysteries as they attempt to explain years of sightings of Nessie, AKA the Loch Ness Monster, with science.


Monster or Mirage?

Dive deeper and learn how scientists are separating fact from fiction in Loch Ness.


45-60 minutes

Ready to shape your own sea monsters? Let's get kraken. (Remember that one, dads.)


Sculpting Sea Creatures

You may need Nessie or a Kraken for the universe you build at the end of this week. Try making them out of play dough (here's a home-made recipe)! The bigger the better. Check out the link for some inspiration. Will yours be friendly, or fearsome?


Scottish Origami

Want something more advanced? Try to make an Origami Loch Ness Monster. Start with a square piece of paper and follow along with the video. Pause it as often as you need!


Back to Your Legend Plan!

By now, you know the routine! Grab your story map from Day 1 and think about which mythical creatures from today you enjoyed most and why. Decide which ones might make an appearance in your story and what their role may be. You may see your story shaping up more and more, so don't be afraid to change major details to adapt to all of the cool creatures you're learning about. You may even start drawing your world on your big poster board and placing some of the 3D creatures you've created in it!


30-45 minutes

Do we know everything there is to know about the living creatures that call the ocean floor their home? Not even close. Let's take a look at the numerous mythical monsters and creatures that call the ocean their home.


Monsters in the Maps

Drawings of sea monsters were once a common feature of old maps of the world. But why? Read or listen to this story to find out!


Pro Tip: Tap the play icon at the top of the article to listen to an audio version.


Dive into the Mariana Trench

The Mariana Trench is the deepest, darkest place in the ocean and would be the perfect home for mythical sea creatures trying to stay out of sight. Read more about the mysteries of this underwater world.

For younger explorers

No Such Thing as Nessie

Get a look at Loch Ness while enjoying this read-aloud of the story No Such Thing as Nessie, by Chani McBain.

For younger explorers

Meet a Mermaid (Kinda)

Tales of mermaids stretch back thousands of years. Get to know one of them while reading along with the story The Mermaid Princess.


30-45 minutes


Wake Up the Beast!

Your mythical monster is trapped! You’ll need to use logic to break the right piece of ice and use the right machines to get the timer to him to wake him up before it’s too late. Don't be fooled—it starts easy but gets harder as you go along.


Sea Serpent Sketching

Tired of screens? If you'd rather work on some artwork for your mythical world, grab your markers or colored pencils. Get inspired by this tutorial of how to draw a sea serpent.


Deep Sea Word Search

There may not be any monsters here, but there are plenty of other sea creatures lurking in the letters. Can you find them all?

For younger explorers

The Floor is Loch Ness

And who knows what's swimming around in those dark, cold waters. Get off the floor quick! Starting now, the floor is Loch Ness and you need to stay on chairs, couches, coffee tables, or whatever else helps you stay safe and dry. Can you make your way to another room without falling in?

For younger explorers

Sketch a Nessie

Learn how to draw your very own Loch Ness Monster with this tutorial. Remember, there are no actual photos of Nessie, so there are no wrong colors or features!


30-45 minutes

Think you're ready to take on some of these monstrous creatures in the water? Unsure? Well, we've got some dry-land exercises to help you be even stronger in the water.


Fish Out of Water

Join SwimGym for a 20 minute workout that will improve your swimming abilities in the water in no time! (Bonus: No goggles required.)


Scuba Yoga?

Prefer to stretch and meditate instead? Join Cosmic Yoga for an underwater Yoga adventure!

more to explore

30-60 minutes

Grab your goggles and explore some more of the world’s underwater monsters and sea life.


Megalodon vs. Livyatan

Megalodon, the gigantic prehistoric shark, meets Livyatan, a giant prehistoric whale. It's the ancient sea monster match-up you've dreamed of. Who would win?


Explore Mission 31

Take a virtual field trip to Mission 31, an underwater habitat managed by researchers at Florida International University’s Medina Aquarius Reef Base.


Sea Monsters from A-Z

Want to make sure you know every sea monster? Check out this extensive list.