Dear Parents

For a while, we thought summer might bring back some normalcy—like playgrounds, and libraries, and pools. And camp. Unfortunately, now we know this summer is going to be different from the rest. Are you laughing, or crying? (Full disclosure: Around here we’re doing both.)

We started thinking about what kind of support we could provide to stressed parents and bored kids, to help get us all through these next few months. We can’t watch your kids all day, but we can offer something else: curiosity-sparking activities, every day, curated by passionate educators and experts and tied to a genuinely exciting weekly theme.

Enter Camp Kinda. Thanks for joining us!

Here’s how it works

Every Sunday around noon (central standard time), you’ll get an email from us with a link to the coming week’s adventure. We’ll also let you know what supplies your kids will need over the course of the week and offer a suggested family activity connected to the week’s theme. Each day, you’ll also get a quick reminder of what’s on the agenda and a link to that day’s activities. You can review everything and decide what you’d like your kids to do when—or just share the link with them and go back to your coffee. And you can always go back into any previous weeks’ activities right here on

There’s no wrong way to do Camp Kinda. Pick and choose activities here and there, follow the whole week’s adventure in order, do some days but not others; whatever works best for your family. Your child may not love every week’s topic, but we bet they’ll find something interesting in most of them—and even a couple hours of Camp Kinda is better than video games all day long. And who knows? Maybe they’ll discover something they’re wild about along the way.


What will my child actually be doing?

Every day, they’ll have access to about 3-4 hours’ worth of activities, all tied to a weekly adventure. Some activities will be online, like watching a short documentary, while others will be offline, like creating their own secret code system. We’ll make sure there’s always a mix of both. And while most will be best for kids in grades 3-8, we’ll also offer options adapted for younger campers where appropriate.

How much does this camp cost?

Nothing. Camp Kinda is totally free. (No, really. It is free.) We built it to be the kind of virtual camp we’d want for our own families: No costs, no complicated logins, no ads, no “easy” craft projects that create a huge mess. And content that kids can actually get excited about, of course.

Does my child have to be online at a certain time every day?

Definitely not. Got early birds? (Our apologies.) They can get started at the crack of dawn. If they want to sleep in, don’t wake them on our account. Every Sunday, a new adventure is loaded onto, and your kids will have access to all the activities whenever they want them. They can also go back to previous weeks’ adventures at any time.

Where are the activities for younger kids?

Many of the activities in Camp Kinda are designed to be accessible for campers of all ages, but we do have some that are specifically adapted for the grades K-2 set. Look for the "For Younger Explorers" tag in every day's activity list to find those.

Will you take any personal information about me or my children?

None. We’ll have only the email address you provided to us when you signed up, and we won’t sell or share that with anyone. We’ll never ask your kids for personal information, and we don’t need to know their names, ages, or any other details.

A lot of these videos are on YouTube. Can you make the ads go away?

It’s important to us at Camp Kinda that we can offer content entirely free of charge to families, and YouTube is a great source of free video content. Unfortunately, that means it comes with ads. Camp Kinda can’t control the ads you see, since YouTube targets its ads by user. (Read more about how to adjust your ad filters.) But we encourage you to remind your children to click “Skip the Ad” as soon as the option becomes available, so they can get right to the great content ahead. If you’re particularly concerned and able to do so, you can also opt for a paid YouTube Premium account for an ad-free experience.

Are you selling something on Camp Kinda?

We aren’t salespeople. We’re educators who are passionate about making sure your kids are learning and engaged all summer long, and parents who are (frankly) desperate to keep our own kids busy.

Is this really as good as real camp?

Well, let’s be honest: This isn’t real camp. (Hence the name.) Real camp is about engaging with other kids, trying new skills, getting messy and sticky in the sun (or staying inside in air conditioning if that’s more your speed). Whether your kids are campfires-and-s’mores kind of campers or more into sports, swimming, or theater, camp is meant to be anything but socially distant. We can’t really replicate that online. But we’re living in unprecedented times right now, and Camp Kinda is trying to fill the gap. We hope your kids enjoy what we have to offer—and that by next summer, there will be no need for it.

Can I share this with other people?

You bet. Please share it widely.

Can I send my child to you?

Only if it’s an even trade. (Just kidding.) No, Camp Kinda is not an in-person camp experience.

Can you recommend any camps for kids of other ages, or that focus on different topics?

Be sure to check out the virtual camp offerings from our friends at Wide Open School and Khan Academy Kids. Both are offering free, high-quality content on a range of topics and for various age groups. Just don't be gone too long.

Other questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected].