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World's Craziest Sports

Sport Inventor

One of the coolest things about sports is that they don't have to be complicated to be fun. Think about it: While many of our favorite sports have grown more complex over time, most of them are based on super simple ideas, like getting a ball through a hoop, finding a way to move your team 100 yards down a field, or getting through a race course faster than anyone else. If you made up your own sport, how would it work? What would make it interesting, and maybe a little weird? Today, you'll get a chance to find out.


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        Ask About Today

        What things do you have to think about when you make up your own sport? What did you learn?

        Dinner Discussion

        What is one sport you could improve with a key change to its rules or scoring?

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        30-45 minutes


        Rules of the Game

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        Today you'll get a chance to invent your own sport—one that you can play even while practicing safe social distancing! Start by watching this short video about your challenge.

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        Office Chair Polo and Other New Sports

        YouTube thumbnail

        Getting to make up your own rules might be the best thing about inventing a new sport. Take a look at some of the creative new sports being invented every day in this video.


        Need Inspiration?

        Looking for ideas? As you think about the sport you want to create, read about some of the more unusual sports for kids.


        The Invention of Basketball

        YouTube thumbnail

        It's strange to think of someone inventing a whole sport like basketball, but that's exactly what James Naismith did in 1891. Learn more in this video from Kid History.


        45-60 minutes


        Create Your Sport!

        All right, it's time to create your sport! Grab some paper and pencils or other drawing utensils and let's get to work.

        To start, think about questions like:

        - What's the name of the sport?
        - Where is it played?
        - Is it an individual sport or a team sport?
        - How do you win?
        - What are the rules?

        Write down your answers along with other notes to help people understand your sport. Then, spend some time drawing what the field looks like, what equipment you need to use, and what the uniforms look like. Use your imagination and don't forget to leave room in the game for a little craziness.

        Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo or video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


        30-45 minutes


        Game Time!

        Gather your friends or family and play your sport! Be sure to explain your rules and have a practice round first to make sure everyone understands how the game is played.

        If your family can't join you right away, try out the game yourself. If it involves trying to score points, how hard is it to do? If you're using any special equipment, like a ball, frisbee, or stick, do they work the way you want them to? Use this time to test and improve your game and the rules.


        Sports Training with Joe

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        Get ready for competition with a workout from our favorite gym teacher, Joe.