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Wild Weather

Terrifying Twisters + Hurricanes

Hold onto your hats! Powerful storms have made their way to Camp Kinda... by which we mean tornadoes and hurricanes. These are both stormy atmospheric systems, but with different effects: Hurricanes can produce enough energy to power all the lights in New York City for years to come, while tornadoes can rip all the feathers off a chicken in mere seconds. In this adventure, we'll explore how water and wind combine to create these powerful forces of nature.


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Content Warning

Today's activities include videos, images, and stories about hurricanes and tornadoes. If you feel your child may be sensitive to these topics, please encourage them to skip ahead.

Ask About Today

What are the key differences between tornadoes and hurricanes?

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Weekly Materials

This week's materials list includes a few items that are a little more unusual—like styrofoam plates, baby oil, and food coloring. If you can find them, we think they make for some really cool experiments. If you can't, no worries, just skip ahead.


30-60 minutes

You're going to need more than an umbrella to weather these storms.


Becoming a Tornado

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We often think of the Midwest when we hear about tornadoes—but they form all over the country (and the world). In fact, they start from thunderstorms. But while these rapidly circulating columns of air might look simple, they wreak tremendous havoc and destruction.

Traumatic Events

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Hurricane Basics

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Hurricanes have been called the most powerful storms known to humans. But did you know that in addition to tearing down buildings and flooding streets, these monster storms also play an important role in keeping the Earth’s temperature stable?

Traumatic Events


How Hurricanes Get Their Names

From Andrew to Katrina and Sandy to Maria: Hurricanes names aren't just picked at random—there’s a whole system that determines what they're called every year. Learn more in this article from Wonderopolis.


Meet the Storm Chasers

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Storm chasers can have a bad reputation because some people who claim the title are no more than thrill seekers putting their lives—and others'—on the line. But professional storm chasers provide critical coverage of storms for meteorologists, and report in-the-moment details that help us understand storms' paths, severity, and how and when to take cover. Could you be a storm chasing pro?

Scary Scenes Traumatic Events


Puzzling Weather

Test your knowledge of today’s vocabulary with this extreme storm word search!


30-60 minutes

We'd definitely prefer to keep the real storms outside, but model storms can be fun to build inside.


Build Your Own Tornado

YouTube thumbnail

Building a tornado at home isn't actually that complicated. Check out the video for instructions. If you have siblings at home, race to see whose tornado lasts the longest.

Bonus: Add some extra flair to your tornado with glitter or the blue food coloring you used in yesterday's water activities.


Hurricane at Home

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Want more storms in your living room? Make a hurricane too using some of the same materials.


30 minutes

Time to dance up a storm.


Kidz Bop

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If you’re going to be chasing storms anytime soon, you'll need to be in shape. How better to get your heart pumping than a dance workout? Join Kidz Bop for 30 minutes of movement.