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The Craft of Magic

Master Magicians

When it comes to the craft of magic, we might as well learn from the best. Can you name any famous magicians off the top of your head? Lots of people know about Harry Houdini, but did you know that was actually just his stage name? Have you ever heard of David Copperfield? What about Shin Lim? Not only will you learn about some of these incredible magicians today, you’ll get to see them in action and make your own magic wand!


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          FOR PARENTS

          Ask About Today

          Who was the coolest magician you learned about today and why did you find them extra interesting?

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          45-60 minutes


          How Long Has Magic Been Around?

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          Modern magic has been around for about 400 years, but there is proof of magic being performed in Ancient Egypt all the way back in 1700 BC. Check this video out to learn more about how ancient magic has influenced magic today.

          Mild Violence


          The Greatest Magician Ever?

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          You’ve probably heard of Harry Houdini, but before he was Harry Houdini, did you know his name was originally Eric Weiss? Learn more about the greatest escape artist and magician of all time by watching this short biographical film.


          Famous Modern Magicians

          Harry Houdini isn’t alive today, but tons of other really amazing magicians sure are! Check out this article to learn about some of the most impressive magicians from the last 50 years or so.


          Kids Make Magic

          So far, you’ve learned about a bunch of famous adults who were magicians. Now, check out this cool clip of several kid magicians who competed on TV talent shows like America’s Got Talent! Try to channel their charm and showmanship later this week when you have your very own show!


          30-45 minutes


          A WANDerful Creation

          If you ever look through old photos of magicians doing stage magic, you'll see that many of them used wands to add some flair to their magic shows (and to distract their audiences!). Today, you’re going to create your very own wand with some materials you probably already have around the house.

          Share your work: We'd love to see it! Take a photo and have an adult tag @campkinda on Instagram or Twitter, or email it to campkinda@ednavigator.org.


          30 minutes


          Moving and Grooving with Magic

          It’s time to do some stretching! Grab that brand new wand you just made and find a space with room to wiggle and groove. Make sure to take notes because you can use some of these moves on Friday for your show!