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The Craft of Magic

A Magical Debut

Hocus pocus! Today is your big day! At last, you get to share some of the magic tricks you’ve learned in this adventure with your loved ones. Will you pull a coin out of thin air? Predict someone’s card from the deck? Make a glass of water disappear? Remember to dance away the nerves, check out the performance day tips, and get ready to razzle dazzle your family.


what you’ll need


          FOR PARENTS

          Ask About Today

          What was your favorite trick to learn and perform?

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          20-30 minutes


          What’s Your Signature Magician Look?

          YouTube thumbnail

          Meet some kids who are into magic just like you are! Did you know that there isn’t only one way to look like a magician or be a magician? In this short video, you’ll see a few kids perform all sorts of different tricks. Some of them are wearing top hats, some are dressed in a t-shirt, and some are wearing cool jackets. How will you dress for your magic show today? Take some time to figure out your signature outfit!

          Remember: Online videos often start with advertisements. Click "Skip" as soon as you can.


          Last Minute Showtime Tips

          If you’re feeling a little nervous about show day, it’s all right! Take a deep breath, shake off those nerves, and go over some of these great tips from a practicing magician. You’ve got this!


          45-60 minutes


          All the World's a Stage

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          Today, you might be performing in your living room or backyard, but maybe one day, you’ll perform your magic on a real life stage! Dream big about what that stage could possibly look like. What city would it be in? Grab a piece of paper, a pen, and follow along this stage drawing lesson. Put it up on your fridge or in your room to keep you motivated to keep practicing magic if you find it’s something you enjoyed!


          A Magically Delicious Treat

          Want to serve up some tasty themed treats on the day of your big show? We’ve got you covered. Remember how you made a wand earlier in this adventure? That one wasn't edible but these sure are!


          Set the Stage

          Take some time to get your magic show stage ready. Think about where you'll perform. Where will your friends or family sit and where will you stand? Will you need some extra light? Maybe a small table with a covering? Once you have your space set up, make sure your magician's costume is ready and try doing a test-run through your tricks!


          15-30 minutes


          It's Showtime!

          Abracadabra! Where did the time go? It’s like it flew or some might even say... disappeared. It’s finally time to put into practice everything you’ve learned and dazzle your friends and family. Have a great show. This truly is where the magic happens!