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Oh, the Places (We’ll) Go

Travel Down Under

(But no, not in Australia.) From underground trains to submarines to...underwater rollercoasters? Seriously? We’re going beneath the earth’s surface to explore the wild world of subterranean travel.


what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit
  • 2 liter soda bottle
  • 500-700 ml plastic bottle (a 16 oz. soda or water bottle will work)
  • Craft knife
  • Drill bit (optional)
  • Large paper clips
  • Large rubber bands
  • Silicone sealant
  • Bathtub full of water
  • Measuring cup
  • A plastic egg
  • Straws



        Ask About Today

        If you could build an underground tunnel that made travel much faster, what two places would your tunnel connect? Why?

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        30-45 minutes


        Under the Mountains

        Why travel over the mountains when we can go under them? Visit the world’s longest railway tunnel, which is carved straight through 35 miles of the Alps.


        How Do They Build Subways?

        YouTube thumbnail

        The subway systems of the world's biggest cities are incredibly complex, and they wind their way through buildings, sewer systems, and all sorts of other underground stuff. See how the world's first one was built in this video from TED-Ed.


        Underwater Tunnels

        How is it possible to build a tunnel underwater without getting soaked? Engineers have been inventing better and better ways for a couple hundred years. They have become so skilled that they built one all the way from England to France!

        Watch this video for more underwater tunnels.


        Underwater Roller Coaster

        YouTube thumbnail

        Roller coasters soar high into the sky, right? It wouldn’t be possible for one to run into the ground... that would be a crash! Well, hold onto your hat because there’s an amusement park in Japan with a roller coaster that disappears into water. (Don’t worry… it comes back up again.)

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        Submarines Explained

        YouTube thumbnail

        We know submarines travel underwater. We're just not sure... how. Let's find out with National Geographic Kids.


        The Secret to Underwater Travel

        YouTube thumbnail

        Submarines are super cool but they move slowly. It’s hard to build speed when water is so much thicker than air. Someone better tell that to emperor penguins, who swim so fast they fly right out of the water and onto the ice. How do they do it? They have a special technique that you won’t believe. It’s all about the bubbles…


        Take a Vacation to an Underwater Hotel

        YouTube thumbnail

        Yes, there is a Florida hotel that is so far underwater that guests can only get to their room by scuba diving to it. And that’s not all! Once they arrive, guests can order pizza to be delivered. Do you prefer cheese or pepperoni? Check it out.


        30-60 minutes


        Build a submarine from plastic bottles

        YouTube thumbnail

        How do submarines move? How do they control how deep they go? See for yourself by making your own. Most of the materials you need are easy to find, but you might need a little help from an adult. Soon enough, your sub will be zooming around your bathtub.

        Adult Supervision Required

        Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo or video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @KindaGuide.


        5-10 minutes


        Five Minute Move

        YouTube thumbnail

        Join Joe and his special guest, five year-old Betsy, for a short movement break to get your heart pumping.