Living on the Edge

Life on the edge is exciting, and this remix adventure is all about pushing the boundaries. You’ll explore terrifying tornadoes and meet the storm chasers who track them down, vault into the high-wire world of professional acrobats, visit isolated lookouts and outposts on the far edges of our world, roar into the action with stunt performers, and more. Get ready to get edgy!

Content note: This adventure includes some videos and stories about hurricanes and tornadoes. If you feel your child may be sensitive to these topics, please encourage them to skip ahead.

what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • A large container
  • Bottle of water
  • Food coloring (preferably blue)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Plastic buckets (make sure they are sturdy!)
  • String, rope, or twine
  • A large, interestingly shaped object
  • A strong light source (sun or lamp)
  • A red plastic cup
  • A smaller clear cup
  • Battery operated tea light (optional)
  • Black paper
  • White or masking tape
  • Soft, nerf-type balls or wadded up paper
  • Cardboard boxes or other outpost-making materials

weekly family activity

Explore an Ecotone: An “ecotone” is a place where the edges of two natural environments meet, like the marshy area where a pond meets dry land, or the boundary where a forest opens into a plain. They tend to be richly diverse habitats for many plants and creatures. Visit a local park or nature preserve and see how many types of ecotones you can find. What makes them different? What kinds of animals and plants live in them?

this week’s content builder:


This remix adventure was assembled by the educators, parents, and edgy folks at EdNavigator.

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