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Legendary Lands and Creatures

Wild Wonders

(Gasp!) Did someone say Bigfoot?! Many have hunted for Bigfoot or the Yeti of the Himalayas for years and insist that they've witnessed these secretive creatures. Some even claim to have evidence that they exist. Today, we'll examine footprints and hear first-person accounts of these sightings to determine for ourselves what's in the woods. Let's get hairy!



Ask About Today

Tell me about your design for a Bigfoot or Yeti trap. What makes it special? Why do you think it will be successful in catching one?

Dinner Discussion

Would you rather have way too much hair or no hair at all? Why?

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45-60 minutes

Before you can truly decide if you believe in the existence of Yetis or the infamous Bigfoot, we’ve got to start researching the facts. Get started with these short videos to learn more about supposed sightings of these legendary creatures.


Early Reports

Learn more about how a small news article in 1954 led to the legend that is now Bigfoot.


Let's Talk Sasquatch

In this NPR article, you can read or listen as the hosts discuss the myth of Sasquatch.


An Expert on Bigfoot

YouTube thumbnail

Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall shares her thoughts on if Bigfoot exists.


Tracking Bigfoot

Get ready to explore Bigfoot sightings using this interactive Google map showing where people claim to have spotted the creature. Are any of them in your state?


Tour the Bigfoot Museum

YouTube thumbnail

A Bigfoot Museum? (Okay, "Sasquatch Museum"—that's Bigfoot's other name.) Don't mind if we do!


Bigfoot of the Snow?

YouTube thumbnail

Join Dr. Mark Evans from National Geographic as he explores the legend of a possible Bigfoot relative—the Yeti.

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Hugags and Gumberoos!

People have been seeing strange things in the wild for a long time. Meet some of the craziest creatures described by lumberjacks in the 1800s, from hidebehinds to gumberoos.


45-60 minutes

There have been so many claimed sightings of Bigfoot and Yeti over the years, but no one has ever caught one (not that we know of, at least). Today, you get to try your hand at designing a Bigfoot trap that might finally do the trick.


Engineering Your Trap

YouTube thumbnail

To create your Bigfoot trap, you're going to need to think like an engineer. But what does that even mean? Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and start with a crash course on engineering.


Sketch Your Bigfoot Trap

Now that you're thinking like an engineer, get ready to sketch your ideal "trap" for Bigfoot or a Yeti. If you want some inspiration, click here to see one that was built in Oregon in 1974. Remember, engineers follow these four steps to solve problems: Ask, imagine, create, improve. Our problem is that no one has proof that Bigfoot or Yetis exist, and nobody's had any luck catching them!

Pro tip: Think about what might attract a Bigfoot and how to keep him in place. Got something great? Share it with us on Instagram or via email!


Make Tracks to Your Legend Map

Bigfoot and Yetis, oh my! We only have one more day left of mythical creatures, and your own legend should be nearly complete. You may want to create space on your poster board for Bigfoot and draw the setting for your world around it, or you may want to show Bigfoot in his habitat on a separate piece of paper. It's up to you! Is there enough room in your legendary world for these creatures?


15 minutes

Bigfoot must be in pretty good shape, since he's always on the run. Can you keep up?


Bigfoot Workout

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You'll never see Bigfoot inside, so embrace the natural outdoors (if you can) and join our favorite gym teacher Joe for an intense workout. Don't forget your water! Go through it twice, if you've got enough energy.