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Legendary Lands and Creatures

Fantastical Flying Beasts

Flying creatures are some of the most beloved creatures from mythology. You may have cheered for Pegasus in Disney’s Hercules, rooted for Toothless the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon, or fallen in love with Falkor from The Never-ending Story, but each creature can be unique in their history, and even downright scary at times. Today, we’ll meet a few, and you’ll decide if they fit in your story!



Ask About Today

After everything you've learned, which winged creature did you enjoy learning about the most, and why?

Dinner Discussion

A griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. If you were combining two animals into a new creature to guard a treasure, which two animals would you choose and why?

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30-45 minutes

What are we waiting for? Let's talk about dragons.


History of the Dragon

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Nearly every civilization has folklore that mentions the existence of the most recognizable creature of all time: the dragon! Join Dr. Emily Zarka as she examines their history.

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Like Dragons? You'll Love Griffins

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Like dragons, griffins are fantastical flying creatures known for protecting treasure. Unlike dragons, they are half eagle and half lion. Learn more on this snippet of Legendary Creatures.


Dragons in Chinese Culture

The dragon is one of the most recognizable symbols in Chinese culture. It was believed to bring wisdom, power, and luck. Read about their history, and think about whether your flying creature will be beloved—or feared.

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Get to Know a Real Dragon

Ok, not the fire-breathing, flapping kind—but it is a huge lizard with jagged teeth and a poisonous bite. Meet the Komodo dragon.


Finally, the Phoenix

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Have you ever heard of a bird whose tears can cure any wound or affliction? Look no further; let's meet the phoenix.


Facts About Fantastical Flyers

This short article from the American Museum of Natural History explores a few fun facts about mythical beasts of the air throughout history.


45-60 minutes


Master the Art of Dragon

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Dragons are awesome—and usually they're hard to draw. Ours always come out funny-looking, with wings that are too small or a head that looks like an alligator, not a dragon. Well, after today you'll know how to draw a good one. Get some paper and pencils and follow along with this video. You may want to pause it after each step while you do your drawing.


Which Flying Beasts Will Be in Your Story?

So far, you've learned a lot about flying creatures! Reflect on which mythical creatures you enjoyed learning about today and which ones might make an appearance in your story. Similar to yesterday, grab your story map and add more details. Remember, this is just a brainstorm so let the ideas flow!


Dragons in the Code

If you're ready to go on an epic quest, look no further! You can avoid foes and hunt for treasure by programming your dragon through code. Try out "Dragon Dash" with an Hour of Code now.


30-45 minutes

We got those moves like dragon, got those moves like dragon...


Dragon Dance Moves

In legends, dragons are often connected to the elements (like earth, air, fire, and water) and dragon dances are a traditional part of many Chinese festivals. But what if dragons danced to TODAY's music? Start by choosing your favorite 2-3 types of dragons, then make up each dragon's most amazing, show-stopping dance move. When you're done, put on your favorite song and try them out!


Dragon Walking

Here's a challenging workout move called the Dragon Walk... try it still, first, and then try "walking." How far can you get? A few steps? All the way down the hallway?

For younger explorers

Dragons Love Yoga

Ready to chill out, dragon style? Try this Cosmic Kids workout with a dragon twist!