Legendary Lands and Creatures

For centuries, civilizations have dreamt up whimsical or forbidding places, shrouded in mystery and lost in time. We’ve filled these worlds with mythical creatures and fantastical beasts who could do things beyond our own abilities like breathing fire, transforming into bats, or healing wounds. From tales like Harry Potter that made us fall in love with magic to the Chronicles of Narnia that used animals like talking lions to protect us from evil, each generation adds new layers to our storytelling.

This week at Camp Kinda, we’ll journey into some of the legendary lands and stories that have captivated our imaginations to learn what makes them so unique, meet some of the most amazing creatures and fearsome monsters of all time, and try to decide what's fact and what's fiction. By the end of the week, you’ll create your very own universe (or should we say “wonderland”?) full of mythical creatures and legends untold!

Content warning: In this adventure, we'll be exploring legendary creatures and monsters that some kids may find scary. You may want to preview this week's activities if your child is younger or more sensitive.

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This week's theme can be tied to a number of books and movies, but none is more richly imagined than the Harry Potter series. There are a variety of ways your family can learn more about the young wizard Harry and his adventures at Hogwarts; you can read the series, you can listen to all the books, or you can watch them together!

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Caitlin Dietz

Caitlin Dietz is an early childhood educator who has taught a variety of grade levels from pre-kindergarten through second grade. She currently teaches kindergarten for Impact Public Schools in Seattle, WA.

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