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Kingdom of Bugs

Incredible Insects

Spiders, centipedes, and ants are all creepy, crawly creatures, but only one is an insect. (Wait, what?) Can you guess which one? Today at Camp Kinda, you'll learn the common characteristics that all insects share—and some of the craziest things that make them an incredibly diverse group of creatures. By the end of the day, you will have discovered bizarre bugs from around the world and even created one of your own.



Ask About Today

What do all insects have in common? What are some interesting insects you learned about today?

Dinner Discussion

If you could be an insect for a day, which one would you want to be? Why?

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30-60 minutes

Fun fact: While all insects are "bugs," not all "bugs" are insects. Huh? Put your entomology hat on and get cracking.


It's a Bug's World

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Scientists think there are over 10,000,000 different species of insects on our planet, and they can be found everywhere, including Antarctica. (Those are some hardy insects.) But what makes an insect an insect?

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Incredible Insects

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Now dive into this longer documentary from National Geographic, all about the life and times of insects.


Quiz Yourself

Think this crash course on bugs was enough to help you pass a bug anatomy quiz? Give it a try.


What's an Entomologist?

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An entomologist is a person who studies insects. After watching this short video about who they are and what they do, maybe you'll want to be one!


Crazy Creatures

Many people just want to squish insects when they see them. But entomologists understand that we can learn important lessons from insects. Here are some of the most bizarre-looking insects from all around the world. Could you handle meeting one of these creatures in real life?


15-45 minutes

Normally you probably don't want insects in your house. But today, they're just made of paper.


3D Insects

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Get crafty and try your hand at these 3D insects made from paper. Which is your favorite? (We're partial to the ladybug over here.)


30 minutes

Inhale, exhale...it's time for some insect relaxation.


Bug Yoga

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From butterflies to stickbugs, go on an insect journey with Yogiful to channel your inner bug.