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Kingdom of Bugs

Humans, Meet Bugs

Bugs—can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Some species—like termites—cost humans over a billion dollars a year in damage. But a life without bugs would mean no more coffee for your parents, and no more chocolate for anyone. (And really, what is life without chocolate?!) No matter how annoying they can be, they're necessary for our world. So think twice before you attempt to squash a bug. Today, we'll dive into the nature of our hot-and-cold relationships with bugs.



Ask About Today

What are some of the ways insects are beneficial to our environment?

Dinner Discussion

Would you eat a bug? If so, which one would you try?

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30-45 minutes

You might think you want a world without bugs. After all, a world without bugs would mean no more itchy bug bites. But what if all the insects disappeared?


No More Bugs?

YouTube thumbnail

What would the planet be like with no insects? Here's one plausible answer.

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Bug Burger, Anyone?

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Are insects the food of the future? Some people think so. Watch this video from TED-Ed and decide for yourself.


Open Wide!

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Before making your own bug dinner, check out this video of kids eating insects for the first time. Then read on to start crafting your new recipes....


Edible Insects

It might sound gross at first, but many insects are very nutritious. In fact, insects are eaten all over the world. Head over to National Geographic to read about some tasty bugs and a chef who specializes in cooking them. Which one would you try for lunch?


Survival of the Buggiest

Let's just say one day you find yourself stuck in the woods and running out of food. (Please don't try this for Camp Kinda.) Here are 12 bugs that could help you survive.


Must Love Bugs

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You might not love bugs, but these two humans sure do. Meet Charlie and Lois O’Brien, a married couple with the largest private collection of insects in the world.


15-30 minutes


Make the Menu for Bug Cafe

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Well, if bugs ARE the food of the future, we'd better get ready for restaurants that serve them. What would your Bug Cafe offer on the menu?

Start by watching this video of peopling eating at a real restaurant that serves bugs. Then get a piece of paper, think of a good name for your bug-themed restaurant to put at the top, and then write out the menu. Will you have beetle biscuits for breakfast? Centipede sandwiches on the lunch list?


Insects: Yay or Nay?

Now that you've built your background knowledge about the relationship between insects and the environment, create a pros and cons list of the effects of insects living on our planet. Which side has more? Overall, do you think bugs are worth the trouble?


15-45 minutes

Get outside and meet your bug neighbors.


Environmental Scavenger Hunt

The food we eat is dependent on a complex system of different habitats, full of pollinators and their pollen sources. Head outside for a scavenger hunt and find as many of these insects, plants, and environments as you can.

Stay Safe: Ask an adult first, wear a mask, and stay socially distanced while you're outside.