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Kid Heroes

Tapping the Power of Tech

“Even if people are still very young, they shouldn’t be prevented from saying what they think.” —Anne Frank

Technology is all around us, but did you know that activists—especially young activists—use technology every single day to fight for causes they believe in? Today, you'll learn how young people are tapping their tech skills to raise thousands of dollars, why certain #hashtags are more effective than others, and how holograms (yes, holograms) can help real people fight for their rights. Digital activism requires technology but also a whole lot of creativity, love, effort, and belief in a cause. Do you have what it takes to make a good cause go viral?


what you’ll need



Ask About Today

How is social activism different now than it was when I was your age?

Dinner Discussion

What form of technology do you think is best for people trying to change the world?

Skip the Ads

Unfortunately, online videos often start with short advertisements. Remind your campers to click the "Skip" button as soon as they can to move ahead to the video.


30-45 minutes


The Evolution of #Activism

YouTube thumbnail

You might have already learned that the 1960s was a time full of protests. A lot has changed since then, especially when it comes to technology. Learn about social activism, then and now.

Traumatic Events

Remember: Online videos often start with advertisements. (Annoying, we agree!) Click the "Skip" button as soon as you can to move ahead to the video.


Coding for Justice

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Did you know that teens across the world are learning how to code for justice? Learn about George and the app he created to save lives.


Ads that Made a Difference

For more than 75 years, the Ad Council has been churning out high-impact public service announcement campaigns to raise awareness about issues ranging from forest fires to bullying in schools. Check out some of their most famous campaigns.


Protesting Via Hologram

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You might think holograms are only found in sci-fi movies, but they are actually real! Check out how activists in Spain used a hologram to fight for social change.


Kind Kingdom

Technology can allow people to communicate across the world. But it's really important to be a good "digital citizen" along the way. Try out this great game from Google to learn how to be responsible and kind online.



YouTube thumbnail

What do will.i.am, mapping technology, Los Angeles high schoolers, and social justice have in common? Find out here.


45-60 minutes

Now it's time to share your message with the world through a Public Service Announcement (also known as a PSA). A PSA is like an ad for a good cause. Making a video that explains your cause is a great way to motivate others to act.


What Do You Want to Say?

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Before you make your own video, check out this one from Chelsea Phaire as inspiration. She is pretty great, right?


Make Your Own Video

Now it's your turn to make your own video. Read over the speech you wrote yesterday and decide on how you will make your words come to life. Think about things like:

- Is there a location or backdrop that might match up with your cause?
- Are there any props or people that could make your video even better?
- What kind of outfit would be best for your message?

This is your chance to be creative and motivate your audience to join your campaign. Once you have a plan, start recording! You may need to try a few different takes to get the best video, but that's all part of the process.

Can't make a video? That's okay! You can still set the scene and practice your pitch in front of the mirror or see if anyone in your family will watch your performance.

Share your work! We'd love to see your video whenever you're ready. Ask a parent to email it to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


15-30 minutes


Finger Fitness

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If you're going to spend time using technology for a good cause, you might want to get your hands and fingers strong. Check out "Finger Exercises for Gamers." Repeat the exercises at least twice to build up your stamina!