Into the Waves

Water is life. Most of the Earth is covered by vast oceans, and water makes up most of our bodies. Maybe that’s why it calls to us—why we’re drawn to the seas and dance for the rain. Whatever the reason, in this adventure, we’ll plunge into the mystery of the waves. We’ll explore the weirdness of the water cycle, shine a light on the oceans’ darkest depths, scour the sea floor for clues about the Bermuda Triangle, wonder at some legendary monsters of the deep, and meet real-life diving daredevils. Come on in, the water’s fine (we hope)!

what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • A glass jar (a jam jar works well)
  • A paper plate or bowl
  • Ice
  • Hot water and room temperature water
  • A zip lock bag
  • Food coloring (preferably blue)
  • Clear tape
  • Shaving cream
  • Poster board (or 4 sheets of regular paper taped together)
  • Any kind of play-dough
  • Tin foil
  • Marbles or other small objects

weekly family activity

Get Into Some Water

No matter how old you are, playing in the water is amazingly fun. So this week, bring the whole family together for some water-centered activities. Head to a local pool, rent a canoe and paddle around a lake, take a hike to a waterfall, run through a sprinkler, or pick up some water balloons and have fun getting wet. If it’s not warm enough where you are, check out Our Planet: High Seas, Netflix’s excellent documentary on the oceans. You can stream the full episode online for free. (Be aware that the documentary contains natural scenes of animals hunting other animals, which may be frightening to younger or more sensitive kids.)

this week’s content builder:


This remix adventure was assembled by the educators, parents, and other explorers at EdNavigator.

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