Imagination Engine

There’s no end of creativity in sight in this Camp Kinda remix adventure. We’ve hand-picked five of our most inspiring days of imaginative activities, guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll try your hand at drawing comics, play around with stop-motion animation, find art in everyday objects, make up your own viral dance move, and explore the creative side of coding. So sharpen that jumbo box of colored pencils and get ready to hit record, because we’re ready to fire up the Camp Kinda imagination engine!

what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • A printer (optional)
  • A sketchbook or a journal with blank paper
  • A mobile phone or tablet with a camera
  • Various household objects or toys
  • Post-It notes (optional)
  • 3 or more simple, small found objects like paperclips, popcorn, coins, pen caps, etc.
  • Safe objects to create an obstacle course (like pillows, blankets, ropes, etc.)

weekly family activity

Visit A Local Art Museum

It’s probably been a while, especially since most museums and cultural institutions were closed during the pandemic. Find a local gallery, art studio, or museum and make a trip there this weekend. Here at Camp Kinda, we like combining time in gallery spaces with time outside, so consider packing lunch and eating in a nearby park before or after your visit. If entry fees are involved, check your public library—some offer free passes you can check out. And if you’re not able to get to a museum right now, spend a little time exploring the world of creativity with Google Arts and Culture, where you’ll find awesome online activities, virtual museum visits, and more.

this week’s content builder:


This remix adventure was assembled by the educators, parents, and other creative crewmembers at EdNavigator.

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