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History's Mysteries II

Unexplained Artifacts

The ancient world continues to provide surprising and mysterious discoveries — artifacts that raise as many questions as answers. Today, we will visit the depths of the sea to ask whether the ancient Greeks were building computers that just shouldn’t have been possible all those centuries ago. We will ask why dinosaurs ate rocks and why civilizations in Peru carved beautiful, elaborate drawings into their landscape. Prepare to be astonished!


what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • Self-hardening clay, salt dough, or sand dough,
  • Black acrylic paint or poster paint
  • Clear acrylic sealer or decoupage medium (optional)



        Ask About Today

        What mystery was solved by the discovery of rocks that dinosaurs carried in their stomachs?

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        30-45 minutes


        Is this the World's Oldest Computer?

        YouTube thumbnail

        Found amid the wreckage of a sunken ship near Greece, a mysterious device called the Antikythera Mechanism shows that ancient technology was far more advanced than we thought. What could it do? Just wait till you see!

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        Rocks Solve an Ancient Mystery

        Did you know that dinosaurs swallowed rocks? Gross!! But the rocks served a purpose - they helped grind up food in giant dinosaur stomachs. Just recently, some of those “stomach rocks” helped scientists resolve a debate that had raged for decades. What do you think it was?


        Who Made these Giant Drawings?

        YouTube thumbnail

        Let’s adventure to Peru, where researchers have discovered dozens of designs etched into the landscape. Huge spiders, monkeys, dogs and more. They are centuries old. But how were they made? And why make drawings that can only be seen from high above when there were no airplanes?


        Were Batteries Invented 2,000 Years Ago?

        YouTube thumbnail

        Take a look at this ancient ceramic pot with a copper tube and an iron nail inside. What could that possibly have been used for? Well, scientists think it may have been used to generate electricity… thousands of years before we thought humans had that technology.


        The Riddles of Easter Island

        YouTube thumbnail

        On a small island in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, there are nearly 900 massive stone sculptures of human heads, called moai. How were they made and why? How could they have been moved when they were ridiculously heavy? Scientists have worked for years to find answers. What have they learned?


        30-45 minutes


        Sculpt Your Own Moai

        Maybe your moai won’t weigh many tons like the real ones on Easter Island, but it can still be amazing. Start with some self-hardening clay. Don’t have any? With a little help from an adult, you can make your own.


        15-20 minutes


        Popcorn and the Pirates Yoga

        Join Cosmic Kids for a yoga adventure that incorporates tales of pirate treasure!