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History's Mysteries II

Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaurs of many kinds roamed Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Then, over a relatively short period of time, they disappeared. Why? Chasing clues is one of the greatest detective stories of all time, involving scientists, technology, luck, and hard work. (And an asteroid that slammed into our planet.) Today, we know more than ever before. But some answers are still shrouded in darkness. Today, maybe you can find them.


what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • A clothespin (or “peg” as it is called in England)
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional)


          FOR PARENTS

          Ask About Today

          How did scientists figure out that an asteroid may have played a role in dinosaur extinction?

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          Content Note

          Some of today’s videos depict animals hunting or major geological events like asteroid strikes that could be scary for very young children.


          30-45 minutes


          Meet the Dinosaurs

          YouTube thumbnail

          There were more than 100 different kinds of dinosaurs. Join National Geographic for a short overview of what they were and how they ruled our planet.


          The Puzzle of Dinosaur Extinction

          YouTube thumbnail

          Let’s explore the fascinating variety of dinosaurs and the many theories about why they disappeared. The key clue was only found about 40 years ago. What was it? And how did it lead scientists on a search across the globe for more information?

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          What Exactly Is a Fossil?

          Understanding the mystery of dinosaurs would be impossible without fossils. So what are they? Just a bunch of rocks? They are so much more than that.


          The Biggest Asteroid Strike Ever?

          YouTube thumbnail

          Now that we know dinosaur extinction was likely related to a giant asteroid striking Earth, what else do we know about that event. Well, it was an object the size of Earth’s biggest mountain traveling at a speed that would have taken it from New York to Los Angeles in FOUR MINUTES. Let’s dive deep on what happened!

          Scary Scenes


          How Do We Know What Dinosaurs Looked Like?

          YouTube thumbnail

          There were no humans on Earth when dinosaurs went extinct. So… how do we actually know what they looked like? All we have is a bunch of leftover bones, right? Well, it requires some detective work. But brace yourself: some dinosaurs might have had FEATHERS! Join BrainStuff for an investigation.


          45-60 minutes


          Make a Flying Dinosaur

          Pterosaurs were reptiles with wings, ruling the skies for hundreds of millions of years. Thanks to the Lapworth Museum of Geology in England, you can make your own with some basic art supplies. (Note: The directions use the term “peg” to describe a clothespin.)


          15-20 minutes


          Dinosaur Exercise

          YouTube thumbnail

          Join Ms. Linky for a series of exercises that will teach you all about eight different types of dinosaurs.