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Hideouts and Strongholds

Fantastic Fortresses

A fortress is any safe place that protects you from outsiders and disturbances. Chances are, you’ve created forts in your home from sheets or furniture. Perhaps you made one in the yard from sticks or snow. People have been building forts for thousands of years in every place you can imagine, from icy mountaintops to rocky islands. Today, you’ll visit some of the coolest forts on earth to learn their secrets and you’ll discover new ways to build better forts of your own. Let’s adventure!


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Ask About Today

If we built a fort in our neighborhood, where would be the best place to put it?

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30-45 minutes


What Are the Most Impressive Fortresses of All Time?

Popular Mechanics scanned the globe to find the 30 best forts in history. Keep an eye out for one that is built entirely underground. It’s hard to believe, but one of these fortresses flies! It could be zooming through the sky above you now!


Can You Break into Superman’s Fortress?

YouTube thumbnail

One of the most famous forts in comic books is the Fortress of Solitude. No one else can get in because Superman created an impossibly heavy key that only he is strong enough to lift. But with enough knowledge of science, would it be possible to find a way?

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A Fort in the Trees

YouTube thumbnail

Join some skilled carpenters who build an “ultimate kids’ fort” that makes use of some interesting objects – including an aluminum canoe!


Castles vs Caves

They are both pretty amazing. But which do you think is cooler? Listen to the big brains at Smash Boom Best debate the issue on their excellent podcast and decide for yourself.


45-60 minutes


Make Your Own Box Fort

YouTube thumbnail

Do you have some cardboard boxes sitting around your house? In no time, you can turn them into a super fun fort. For ideas, look to this family that collected over 200 boxes for their fort!

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Build a Stick Fort

YouTube thumbnail

If you live near plenty of trees, there are always branches and sticks on the ground. Gather them up and create a simple stick structure using these instructions.


Embrace Your Softer Side with a Blanket Fort

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When you think of what makes a strong fort, blankets might not be your first instinct. But with the right strategy and clever used of forces, you can design something amazing.


Draw a Blueprint for Your Dream Fort

Where will your fort be located? What will it be made of? How high will the walls be? How many entrances will it have? How will you keep a lookout? What valuable things will your fort protect? What secret features can you add that no one will expect? Grab some paper and drawing utensils and use your creativity and drawing skills to conjure up the most magnificent, invincible fort of all-time!


15-30 minutes


Hit Start on a Fortnite Dance Workout

YouTube thumbnail

Forts. Fortnite. Kinda the same, right? Well, close enough. Take a break from fort-building and get pumped with this Fortnite dance workout!