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Got Talent?

Game Changers

As you've seen in this adventure, there are some truly crazy sports out there. And sports fans? Well, they can definitely get a little nuts. But sports also inspire and challenge us, and our best athletes can leave us speechless with their skill, strength, and focus. To round out the week, let's spend some time getting to know some of the game-changing athletes who overcame extraordinary obstacles and opened doors for others.


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        Ask About Today

        Can you tell me about an athlete who broke a record or did something first in a sport?

        Dinner Discussion

        Which super heroes or cartoon characters would be good or terrible athletes? Why?

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        30-45 minutes


        Meet 5 Inspiring Athletes

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        These five incredible athletes have overcome a range of extraordinary challenges. What do they all have in common? None of them are willing to give up.

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        Record Setters

        YouTube thumbnail

        Meet the athletes who have scored the most points, stolen the most bases, and achieved other notable firsts in their sports. Will their records ever be broken?


        Jackie Robinson, the First Black Major League Baseball Player

        YouTube thumbnail

        Born in Georgia, Jackie Robison went on to become the first Black professional baseball player to join a Major League team. This video explores his incredible story.


        The Only Woman on an NBA Team

        YouTube thumbnail

        In this video, learn about the journey of Lusia Harris, the only female basketball player who has been drafted into an NBA team.


        Gymnastics Superstar Simone Biles

        Read about the odds Simone Biles overcame to be the first Black woman to win three consecutive world all-around titles at the World Championship in 2013 and the first American woman gymnast to win four gold medals at a single Games during the 2016 Olympics.

        We could watch videos of Simone Biles all day long. Here's a really good one.


        Venus and Serena Williams Before They Were Tennis Stars

        YouTube thumbnail

        See how the father of modern-day tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams helped push them to great achievements while growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the US.


        45-60 minutes


        Build Your Own Tennis Racket

        YouTube thumbnail

        Many athletes overcome challenges to become great. Even if you don't have the equipment you need for a sport you want to try, you can often find creative ways to get started.

        Today, try creating your very own paper plate tennis racket. Check out this video to see how, and color it whatever color you like to make it uniquely yours! You'll need a couple of paper plates, some popsicle sticks or craft sticks to use as handles, glue or tape, markers or crayons to color in your racket, and a balloon to use as a ball.

        Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo or video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


        Tennis Practice Time (Kinda)

        Use your homemade paper plate tennis racket to play your own game of balloon tennis! Once you've started to master it, see if you can add in some new challenges. Try playing on one foot, or try playing with your non-dominant hand. Don't have a partner? Bounce your balloon on your racket, set up some simple targets to try to knock down, or play against the wall.


        30-45 minutes


        Gymnastics Training with Karina

        YouTube thumbnail

        What skills does it take to be a gymnast? Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles not only have strength and balance, they also have incredible flexibility. Follow along with this series of stretching exercises led by kid gymnast Karina to build your flexibility, strength and stamina.


        Tumbling Tutorial

        YouTube thumbnail

        All stretched out and warmed up? Great! Learn how to do some simple gymnastics tumbling moves at home with this tutorial. You'll want to find a carpeted spot or lay down a few blankets or cushions first.