Got Talent?

Whether they’re scaling a mountain, dancing up a storm, changing the world through activism, or even just clowning around—the people you’re about to meet have passion, persistence, and a whole lot of talent. In this adventure, we’ll travel the world to meet some kids and grown-ups who will inspire, impress, and make you say “wow!” Now, what’s your talent?

what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • Poster board
  • A hula hoop
  • Acrylic paints (including red and white)
  • Paint brushes (including one small, flat brush)
  • Chalk
  • Colorful scraps of paper
  • An old egg carton
  • Party hats (or make your own with origami paper)
  • String or elastic
  • Paper plates
  • Popsicle sticks or craft sticks
  • A balloon
  • Miscellaneous art supplies (sequins, pom-poms, whatever you've got!)
  • Miscellaneous household items (pots and pans, a mop or broom, a jump rope, magazines, etc.)
  • Optional: canvas for painting (paper is also fine)

weekly family activity

With sporting events and live performances starting up again, this summer will have no shortage of incredible talents on display to enjoy. Catch up on last season’s “America’s Got Talent” finale as a family before you dive into the new season.

If your house is more excited about sports, check out “Linsanity,” a documentary about Taiwanese-American basketball phenom Jeremy Lin, available on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and other streaming platforms. (As always, check out the Common Sense Media review to make sure it’s a good fit for your family.)

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Here at Camp Kinda, we’re all about keeping things weird. For us, weird equals fun, curious, creative. And that’s what this remix adventure is all about: Celebrating some of the weirdest and wildest things out there.