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Fact or Fiction?!

Super Powers

Whether it’s the power of flight, invisibility, super-strong senses, or something else, many of us have found ourselves wishing we could try on a superpower for a day. Here’s what happens when humans become real-life superheroes. (Or something like that.)



Ask About Today

What superpower would you want in real life? (Don’t forget to think about the downsides, too!)

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75 minutes


Superpowered Kids

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These kids aren’t characters out of your favorite superhero movie. They’re real humans with skills like night vision, super strength, and super elasticity—among others.

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Helping Humans Fly

The power of flight is probably the most-wanted superpower of all. Imagine being able to see the world from a true bird’s eye view. Sure, you can do it from an airplane or even a hot air balloon, but these daredevil humans are taking flight to a whole new level. (Note: This very high-risk activity should never be attempted at home.)


The Extraordinary Artist

Meet Stephen Wiltshire. Stephen, who is autistic, has an extraordinary photographic memory. He can draw detailed images of cities just by flying overhead in a helicopter. In this short video, watch as Stephen draws New York City from memory.


Humans in Space

The ability to send humans into space is surely one of the greatest real-life superpowers we have. Learn all about space travel, from the history of spaceflight to our future missions.


15 minutes


Draw From Memory

You don’t have to be Stephen Wiltshire to draw a place from your own memory. Think of a place you’ve visited and use the details you remember to draw it. (Pro tip: It might help to close your eyes and imagine you’re visiting this place again right now. You’ll be amazed what your brain comes up with!)


10 minutes


Superhero Workout

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You can do this superhero workout game on your own, but it’s even more fun with a friend or sibling. For each slide, choose your favorite superhero, then complete the corresponding exercise.