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Fact or Fiction?!

Magical Mystery Tour

These places are almost too magical to be true—but are they? From feature film locations to destinations that look right out of science fiction, get ready to be wowed by these majestic places


what you’ll need

    • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

    • Cardboard box (shoebox, small Amazon box, etc)

    • Play Doh or sculpting clay

    • Glue

    • String or dental floss

    • Paint and brushes

    • Assorted other materials (think cotton balls, toothpicks, googly eyes, etc)

    • Animal or people figurines (optional)

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            FOR PARENTS

            Ask About Today

            Tell me about the fantasy world you built.

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            30 minutes


            Are There Goblins in the Goblin Forest?

            YouTube thumbnail

            New Zealand is home to a lot of places that look too magical to be true, and this is one of them. Climb Mount Taranaki and enjoy the incredible sights of the Goblin Forest in this short tour. Any goblins here? You’ll find out.


            The Place Where the Sun Never Sets

            YouTube thumbnail

            Wait, never?! That’s right. From May to July, the sun never goes down in northern Norway. They call it the “Midnight Sun.” Check it out.


            The Pink Lake of Senegal

            Ever heard of a pink lake? It’s not fiction! The water in Lake Retba, in Senegal, appears pink from algae that grows in it. It’s the saltiest lake in the world—so salty that you can float in it! Meet the salt harvesters who work in Lake Retba, collecting 60,000 metric tons of salt per year.


            30 minutes


            Magical World Dioramas

            Inspired by some of the too-cool-to-be-true places we’ve visited? Now it’s time to imagine your own. Design a place that incorporates elements of fantasy and reality—whatever that means to you. You might want to sketch your ideas on paper. Then build a three-dimensional diorama version using a cardboard box, paints, creature or people figurines, and any other supplies you can find. Here’s a quick tutorial to get you started, but let your imagination take the lead.


            15 minutes


            Senegalese Sabar Dance Workshop

            You’ve got a glimpse of the incredible Lake Retba in Senegal. Now it’s time to learn some beginner dance moves from Senegal, too. Sabar is a traditional Senegalese dance performed to the Sabar drum. Your instructor, Bakary, is here to show you the basics.