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daily activities


Enter the Rainforest

Denizens of the Rainforest Floor

Today, you'll want to put your rainboots on and grab your flashlight! We're delving deep into the dark, damp layers of the rainforest floor and understory, where sunlight is limited and rain is plentiful. We'll learn about (and avoid running into!) an animal that's as tiny as a bottle cap but powerful enough to kill 10 humans, spiders big enough to eat birds, and a lot more.



Ask About Today

What rainforest products did you find in our home? What layer of the rainforest would they be found in?

Dinner Discussion

Imagine having the poison of a dart frog, but rather than kill, a dose of it could change something about a person. What would your "poison" do?

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30-45 minutes


Rainforest Recap

YouTube thumbnail

Check out this beautiful video from National Geographic to get a quick refresher on rainforests and why they're so important to protect.


Bird-Eating What?

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This goliath bird-eating spider is a predator to many insects and small animals on the forest floor. But it also has predators of its own!

Scary Scenes

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Poison Dart Frogs

Meet the poison dart frog: Tiny, colorful, and one of the most toxic animals on earth.


Follow the Jaguar's Path

YouTube thumbnail

When night falls, these stealthy cats prowl the rainforest floor. Learn all about them, and how scientists are working to protect their future.


Get to Know the Gorillas

Gorillas are nicknamed the "king of the jungle." You may think of them as ferocious, chest-beating animals, but they're actually gentle, curious, and social creatures. Learn more in this feature from National Geographic Kids.


Gorillas Don't Want to Grow Up

YouTube thumbnail

In this video from BBC Earth, you'll learn about silverback gorillas and meet one teenage gorilla who still can't resist playing with his younger siblings.


Wait, that's Not a Vine!

Meet the python, a snake that's equally at home on the rainforest floor as in the understory or canopy layers above, and can grow to be more than 30 feet long. Learn more about it and its special heat-sensing superpowers with the San Diego Zoo.


45-60 minutes

Grab some paper and drawing utensils. Today we'll be following along with this father-son and -daughter duo as they teach us how to draw some awesome rainforest animals and make an origami snake.


Draw a Jaguar

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Fun fact: While you may think of jaguars padding softly through the shadows of the forest floor, they are also excellent swimmers who hunt fish, turtles, and even caimans—a type of crocodile.

Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


Draw a Tarantula

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The goliath bird-eating spider is the largest tarantula in the world. Not even a jaguar would want to tangle with one of these.


Fold Up a Boa Constrictor

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Done drawing? Try your hand at making one of the rainforest's many snakes—out of paper!


15-30 minutes


Rainforest Treasure Hunt

There's a rainforest in your house! (Well, kinda). Use this checklist and walk around your home to see for yourself what products you use from the rainforest, everyday. Try and keep track of things you use on a daily basis.