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daily activities


Destination: School

School Your Way

If you set the rules at school, what would you do? In your wildest dreams, what would a perfect school day be like? Today, imagine that dream school—then consider what ideas you could bring to your real school to improve your school community or environment.



Ask About Today

What would a day be like at your dream school?

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10 minutes


Teen Change-Makers

These teenagers came up with real ideas to address problems they saw in their schools. Inspired yet?


No One Eats Alone

Learn more about the idea behind We Dine Together, a program at Boca High School in Florida that encourages students to eat together—instead of in separate groups—during lunch.

Remember: Online videos often start with advertisements. Click "Skip" as soon as you can.


If You Were the Principal…

These students have some ideas for things they’d change if they were in charge.


A Message from Your (Kid) President

YouTube thumbnail

Speaking of being in charge, the President—Kid President, that is—has some advice on changing the world. Hint: Complaining isn’t the answer.


30 minutes


Design Your Dream School

Get out some paper and start imagining the school of your dreams. Design it on paper, draw it, or write a list of its most important qualities—whatever you prefer. Now ask yourself the question: Could any of these things happen in my real school? What’s one idea that could improve something at your school—whether it’s the physical space, your schedule, or how students and teachers interact (just to name a few things!)?