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Destination: School

Claim Your (Learning) Space

Just because you’ll likely be back in your school building this year, it doesn’t mean your at-home learning space is less important. Create a little homework and study spot that works for you.


what you’ll need


          FOR PARENTS

          Ask About Today

          What are the most important elements that make your study space work for you?

          Skip the Ads

          Unfortunately, online videos often start with short advertisements. Remind your campers to click the "Skip" button as soon as they can to move ahead to the video.


          15 minutes


          Homework Around the World

          Not all countries do school the same way: In some places, students spend more time in school buildings and less time on homework, while others do longer school years. (Can you imagine no summer vacation? In the UK, summer holidays last about 5 weeks, compared to about 10 in the United States.) Check out this infographic about education all over the world. We do a lot more homework than kids in other countries!


          Wiring the Amazon

          Last year, we all realized just how much we rely on the internet—especially for learning. But connectivity isn’t something to take for granted. Check out this short documentary about an effort to get internet access to a remote Peruvian community in the Amazon.

          This film is in Spanish with English subtitles.


          How to Set Up a Study Space

          YouTube thumbnail

          Everyone needs a little spot for studying at home, even if it’s just that: little. You don’t need a whole room to make a productive study space. Here are a few key features that make a study space good for...well, studying.


          60-90 minutes


          Set Up Your Learning Space

          Whether you’ll be studying at the dining room table, in your bedroom, or even in a closet (yup!), here’s a checklist of the essentials. Spend some time today getting your space set up. Start by finding the right spot, then use our checklist to collect everything you need. Missing something? Ask family members, neighbors or friends before heading to the store!

          Share your work: We'd love to see it! Take a photo and have an adult tag @campkinda on Instagram or Twitter, or email it to campkinda@ednavigator.org.


          Make a Landing Zone

          If you already have a learning space set up, work with a parent or family member to set up a landing zone near the door—a place where you can put your backpack, coat, and any other papers when you get home each day.