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Dance Revolution

Dancing Across Time

While each culture has its own unique characteristics, dance is a common part of almost all of them. The earliest artwork showing dance comes from 9,000 year-old cave paintings, and it's likely that dance has been performed for thousands of years before that. Ancient societies and cultures used dance to mark important milestones like births, tell stories, intimidate enemies, and more. Though these dances vary, they share certain characteristics that transcend culture and even time itself. Today, you'll learn about the history of dance and how choreographers (people who create and compose dance arrangements and moves) do their work. You'll even have a chance to try choreographing your own dance!



Ask About Today

Are there dances we do now that are similar to the ones that were popular before you were born? Which ones?

Dinner Discussion

If we all made up a dance to show our family's traditions, what kinds of moves would it include? What song would we pick?

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30-45 minutes


From Cave Paintings to the Cha-Cha Slide

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Cave paintings all over the world provide proof that dance has been a style of human expression for thousands of years. So if our ancestors had rhythm, surely you do, too! Watch this short history of dance to learn how our fancy footwork has evolved over time.


Dance, Dance Evolution

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Why do humans love to move to music? Learn about the unique power of dance to bring cultures and societies together.

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Global Dance Styles

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Now that you know why people dance, let’s check out a few dance styles from around the world. Do you notice any similarities across cultures?


Roots of Dance in the Americas

Visit The National Museum of the American Indian's online exhibit "Circle of Dance" to see some of the beautiful costumes and read about the dance traditions of Native people from present-day Alaska to South America.


Tap Dancing: An American Invention

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Did you know that tap dancing got its start in America? Watch "How Tap Dancing was Made in America," a high-energy video to learn about the origins of tap.


The World's Top Kid Dancers

No matter where you are in the world, dance is performed by people of all ages—especially yours! Watch as these kid performers take on one of the biggest stages for dance culture, the Got Talent show!


45-60 minutes

As you’ve already seen, people from different countries and cultures use many different types of dance to celebrate their traditions and beliefs. Today, you'll try your hand (or your feet?) at creating your own dance routine!


How to Create a Dance Routine

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First, click the button to get some simple tips on how to choreograph a dance routine from a couple of our favorite choreographers at Steezy.co. Then, see if you can spot some of those same concepts in this choreographed routine by kids just like you.


Dance Your Traditions

Now that you’re ready, think about the traditions and beliefs you share with your family or friends and make up a dance that reflects those traditions. Choose the rhythm and types of movement, and use as many steps as you want.

Give your dance a name and perform it for whoever lives with you in your home. You may even want to record it and share when you connect virtually with family and friends who are staying safe in their own homes.

Share your dance! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


Draw a Dancer

We love this simple, colorful drawing of a dancing woman in traditional dress. Follow the instructions to draw one of your own, choosing whichever colors you like along the way!


15-30 minutes


Learn the Wobble

In today’s Explore section, you saw many examples of what are considered “line dances” around the world and one of the most popular ones is the Wobble! Learn how to do it here and be the envy of the next party or wedding you attend.