Comics Crash Course

Some of the best stories of all time have something in common: They hook us with drawings as well as words. Comics and graphic novels have introduced us to characters ranging from Black Panther and Captain Marvel to Captain Underpants and Greg Heffley, everyone's favorite "wimpy" kid. This week at Camp Kinda, we're zapping ourselves into the world of comics and visual expression with professional author and illustrator Jarrett Lerner.

Like Spiderman, you'll unlock some new powers in no time, learning the tools and techniques to draw anything and everything you can think of! You'll be amazed at how you can make even simple drawings come alive and transform from flat images into a moving story—and you'll get to read a lot of great comics along the way. Every superhero and great graphic character started as a few lines on a blank piece of paper. Who will yours be?

what you’ll need

    weekly family activity

    Explore comics with your family! Read your favorite newspaper’s weekly comics together. Peanuts. Dilbert. The Family Circle. How many of the series do the adults remember from their own childhoods? How many of them are new? Which strip is each family member's favorite? Many of this week's activities can be done as a group, so take a look at those if you want to partake in some more comic-related family fun! (If you want or need more weekly comics, sign up for Sunday Haha, a free weekly newsletter full of kid-friendly comics by a variety of children's book author-illustrators.)

    this week’s content builder:

    Jarrett Lerner

    Jarrett Lerner is the author of the EngiNerds series and the author-illustrator of the Hunger Heroes graphic novel series. He can be found at and on Twitter and Instagram at @Jarrett_Lerner. He lives in Medford, Massachusetts, with his wife, his daughter, and a cat.

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