We live on planet Earth, but you could call it Codeworld. As technology advances, code is part of more and more of our lives. Coding may have started in computers as large as entire rooms, but now it’s in our phones, stoplights, and even our refrigerators. It’s bringing the future to life in the form of artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and virtual reality. And of course, it’s giving us some really cool video games. But how does all the code actually work? Who creates it? Do they know why the wi-fi keeps dropping? By the end of this adventure, you’ll uncover some answers, explore how code is changing everything, and get plenty of practice creating some code of your own.

what you’ll need

weekly family activity

Watch Wreck It Ralph

Disney’s Wreck It Ralph tells the story of Ralph, an arcade bad guy who travels across a video game universe to prove he’s not so bad after all. Filled with clever references to vintage video games and creative portrayals of how computers, the internet, and software bugs work, it’s entertaining for both kids and grown-ups and will teach you something about code along the way. Check the Common Sense Media review first to be sure it’s a good fit for your family, then stream or rent it online on Disney+ or most other streaming platforms.

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David Keeling

David Keeling is EdNavigator's Chief Communications Officer. He's pretty good with computers, but his kids can run circles around him in Minecraft.

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