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Camp Kinda Overnight

By the Camp (Kinda) Fire

Okay, so clearly we aren’t really at sleepaway camp. But that doesn’t mean we can’t… make the most of what we’ve got? Get your sleeping bag ready. We’re going camping.


what you’ll need

  • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

  • A flashlight

  • Blankets, sheets, pillows for fort-making

  • Marshmallows

  • Hershey’s chocolate

  • Graham crackers

  • A microwave


          FOR PARENTS

          Ask About Today

          If you’ve tried camping, what did you like or not like? If you haven’t tried it, do you think you want to?

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          120 minutes


          Campfire Stories (Minus the Fire)

          YouTube thumbnail

          Boo! Here are 8 spooky stories to tell around a campfire. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: You might not want to watch these alone.

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          Day in the Life of Sleepaway Camp

          YouTube thumbnail

          What’s it like at a real sleepaway camp? Find out by joining the campers at Camp Winnarainbow for a day in the life of their camp.


          Welcome to Stagedoor Manor

          Ever dream of theater camp? Follow five real campers inside a summer at Stagedoor Manor in this full-length documentary.


          30 minutes


          Tell Your Own Spooky Story

          Using blankets, sheets, pillows—whatever you’ve got—make yourself a bedroom fort. Turn out the lights, grab a flashlight, and find a partner (a sibling, a friend on Zoom will work). Now take turns sharing the creepiest, crawliest stories you can think up. Warning: Good luck falling asleep after this.


          Microwave S’Mores

          Before you settle in for your stories, put together a batch of the classic campfire dessert. No fire required!


          15 minutes


          Marco Polo on Land

          With your family or friends, try a classic camp game of Marco Polo. One person puts on a blindfold (or just closes their eyes) and calls out “Marco” while trying to tag others in the group. Everyone else responds with “Polo!” while trying to stay away.

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