Camp Kinda Overnight

Sleepaway camp in winter?! Okay, not quite. But in this adventure, we’ll stay up late to explore nocturnal creatures, constellations, darkness and light, the science of sleep, and more. Grab a nap while you can—we’re about to be up all night!

what you’ll need

    • Your Camp Kinda toolkit

    • A flashlight

    • Bag with assorted small objects (markers, pens, small toys, kitchen items, etc—any small household items will work)

    • A dark room (or a dark area outdoors, away from street lights)

    • A paper plate

    • Thread or yarn

    • A hole punch

    • Tape

    • Thin cardboard

    • Something to poke holes in the paper—like a thumbtack or push pin

    • A plastic bottle

    • Construction paper or craft foam

    • Paint

    • Play Doh

    • Tin foil

    • Blankets, sheets, pillows for fort-making

    • Marshmallows (optional)

    • Hershey’s chocolate (optional)

    • Graham crackers (optional)

    • A microwave (optional)

    weekly family activity

    Gather the family around the “campfire,” whip up some microwavable s’mores (check out day 5 for more details), and share your favorite ghost stories—or any stories, really. Consider adding a friendly talent show competition for extra fun.

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