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Animal Companions

Animal Co-Workers

Some animals do more than just provide companionship—they put their unique skills and abilities to work in very real jobs that help humans every day! This week we’re learning about animal co-workers—the loyal companions in our day-to-day lives.



Ask About Today

What are some ways animals help people?


30 - 40 minutes


Dogs with jobs

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We’ve learned that dogs have been essential to hunters and farmers throughout the course of human history. Dogs have tons of other jobs too—from assisting rescue workers to therapy pets helping people feel at ease. Click the link to learn about all the cool ways dogs get to work!


Service Dog High

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Service dogs are indispensable helpers to the humans they serve. They help people cross the street and can even detect if their owner is sick or needs emergency assistance. Not just any pup can become a service dog. Learn what it takes at the link below!


Unusual Animal Workers

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Dogs aren’t the only animals that make up the animal workforce. Goats, cats, and even fish help humans too! Check out these three unusual animal jobs that are sure to surprise you.


The Chief Mouser of Downing Street

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Although all animal jobs are important, few are as prestigious as the Chief Mouser of the British Prime Minister’s residence in London, England. Learn about Larry, the current Chief Mouser, who helps to keep the Prime Minister’s house vermin free.


25 - 40 minutes


Animal Help Wanted!

Humans need not apply. We’ve learned that humans have been domesticating animals for thousands of years. We’ve seen some of the jobs pets have from therapy animals to rescue dogs. Now it’s your turn to create an animal job of your own. Click here to download today’s activity and make your own crazy animal job listing. Choose any animal you want!


20 - 35 minutes


Animal Job Charades

It’s time to get silly and play a game of charades with a twist. First, a family member or friend and spend a few minutes thinking of a funny animal and job combination (A monkey waiter? A hamster firefighter?)

After you both have something in mind, take turns acting out your animal performing the job you had in mind. You and your play partner have 30 seconds to guess the animal and the job you're performing. The person with the most correct amount of guesses wins the game!