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Over the Rainbow

Have you ever seen all the colors appear in the sky? It’s a rainbow! But how do rainbows work?

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What are the colors of a rainbow?


est. 45 min

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Ready, Jet, Go

Jet and his friends learn how rainbows are made.

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Rainbows on Sesame Street

Elmo, Rosita, and their friends are looking for rainbows on Sesame Street.


est. 30 min

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Rainbow In a Glass?

Watch this super fun color experiment. Then you'll try your own!

Make Your Own Rainbow

Now it's your turn to make a rainbow of your own.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Two glasses or cups for water; paper towels


Fill two cups with water. Cut a paper towel in half lengthwise to create a thin strip. (Note: Make sure your campers use washable markers for this experiment.)


Color a rainbow on each end of your paper towel, just like in the video. Place each end of the paper towel in a cup of water. Now watch your rainbow grow!

Rainbow Shapes

Rainbows usually look like half of a circle. Can you make rainbows in other shapes? Try drawing a triangle rainbow. What about a square? Can you make rainbow shapes using Play Doh, too?

Toolkit Materials:


est. 10 min

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What Makes a Rainbow

Every page of this book by Betty Schwartz, with pictures by Dona Turner, is all about a different color of the rainbow. Listen along in Jasmine’s Reading Corner.


In this story by David McKee, Elmer the elephant doesn’t look like the other elephants: He isn’t gray at all!


est. 15 min

Indoor Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Take a walk around your home. Can you find something in every color of the rainbow? Line up the objects you found to make a beautiful rainbow. Then show a grown-up!