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Color Mysteries

Why is the sky blue, anyway? Let’s solve some of nature’s biggest color mysteries.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

Are all zebras’ stripes the same?


est. 15 min

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Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

Good question, right?

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Why Is the Sky Blue?

Our new friend explains it all in this episode of Kids vs. Light.

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Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Green, yellow, orange, red—leaves have all the colors covered!


est. 30 min

Nature’s Colors

You’ll need the leaves, sticks, and stones you picked up on your walk (below). So check out MOVE first and then come back to this!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Newsprint or other mess-catcher


On top of newsprint or scrap paper to keep things clean, put out your child’s leaves, sticks, and stones, washable paints, and brushes.


Paint your leaves, sticks, and stones. Mix up your colors to create your masterpieces


est. 5 min

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Red: A Crayon’s Story

This story by Michael Hall is all about being your true self! Watch the animation by 4th grade students at Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School in Ottawa, Canada.


est. 15 min

Scavenger Walk

Go for a short walk with your grown-up. Pick out some leaves, sticks, and stones to bring home. Look for interesting shapes!

Adult Supervision Required