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Wild Water

Would you like to visit a waterfall? Or ride on a raft over roaring rapids? Water can be calm, but it can also be powerful and wild. Bring your floaties!

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What makes a tsunami different from a regular wave?


est. 30 min

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Visit a Waterfall

Did you know that about 1 million bathtubs of water go over Niagara Falls...every minute?! Tristan and T.J. from Travel Kids visit the Falls in Canada to learn all about them. Let’s join them!

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Sink or Float?

Have you ever noticed that some objects float in water, while others sink? What’s the difference? Join Blippi to explore the science of floating.

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River and Wilder Learn to Surf

Join these brothers on a visit to Hawaii, where they’ll try out surfing.

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The Biggest Wave of All

Most waves in the ocean are very predictable. But every now and then, a special type of huge wave called a tsunami breaks the usual pattern. Learn all about these giant waves in this video from SciShow Kids.


est. 30 min

Waterfall Pouring

You don’t have to go for a long hike to reach this waterfall—you’ll make your own at home!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Nature objects; small toys or balls


For this activity, you’ll use the same set-up as the pouring station from Water at Home. This time, add small toys like blocks, balls, and animal figurines. Encourage your camper to add nature objects they find around home, too.


Make your own waterfalls by pouring water from different heights. Let it splash down on your animals, or send them over the falls. If you’re outside, add dirt, mud, or rocks to your waterfalls.


est. 6 min

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A Camping Spree for Mr. Magee

Head on a camping trip with Mr. Magee and his dog Dee in this story by Chris Van Dusen. Watch out for the waterfall!


est. 5 min

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Surf Yoga

In this calming yoga session from Alo Yoga, you’ll stretch, move, and visit the beach in your imagination.