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Why Water?

Why is water important? So many reasons! Let’s explore how water helps the earth, humans, and animals—and why we need to save water, too.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • A glass jar (an empty pasta sauce jar works well)
  • Cotton balls
  • Nature objects collected on your walk
  • A piece of gauze
  • A medicine dropper
  • Food coloring (optional)

Ask About Today

How does the water cycle work?


est. 20 min

Where Does Water Come From?

It’s all about the water cycle. Huh? Find out what that means in this video from Dr. Binocs and the Peekaboo Kidz.

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Elmo Shares Water

Elmo is thirsty, but so is Abby’s plant! Since both monsters and plants need water to grow, can they share?

Water, Water Everywhere

You can find water in many places, like oceans, lakes, and even underground. In this episode of 3...2...Wonder, we’ll learn all about different water sources.

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How to Save Water

Since water is so important, we have to keep it safe and clean. Our friends at SciShow Kids have some ideas for how you can help the planet by saving water at home.


est. 20 min

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Make Your Own Water Cycle

Time to build your own (mini) water cycle. First, head down to the MOVE activity to collect some nature objects, like dirt, sticks, moss, and pine cones. Then come back here and get started!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

A glass jar (an empty pasta sauce jar works well); cotton balls; nature objects collected on your walk; a piece of gauze; a medicine dropper; food coloring (optional)


Your camper will fill their jar with nature objects and their animal figurines. When they’re done, cover the jar with a piece of gauze (the kind in a first aid kit will work well), secure it with a rubber band, and have your camper place a few cotton balls on top. Offer your camper a cup of water and a medicine dropper so they can fill their “clouds” with water. (Optional: Color the water with food coloring for extra fun.)


Fill up your jar with all the nature objects you’ve collected. Add your animal figurines if you want, too. Once your grown-up has put gauze on top of your jar, place some cotton balls on top. Using your medicine dropper, add some water droplets to the cotton balls. As you add more water, watch what happens inside your jar. It's precipitation!


est. 5 min

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We Are Water Protectors

In this book by Carole Lindstrom, illustrated by Michaela Goade, a young girl fights to protect the water that runs through her community. Listen along to this beautiful story, which was inspired by real Indigenous-led movements.


est. 15 min

Neighborhood Nature Walk

Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect some objects to put in your water cycle jar. You might want sticks, rocks, moss, grass, dirt, and even pine cones or acorns.

Adult Supervision Required