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Hot Air Balloons

Today is all about balloons—hot air balloons, that is. Where will yours take you? Hop in and let’s find out!

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • An empty plastic bottle

  • A balloon

  • Two large containers for holding water

  • Hot water and ice

Ask About Today

If you could make your own hot air balloon, what would it look like?


est. 15 min

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All About Hot Air Balloons

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon up in the sky? Or wondered why they don’t fall down? Find out with a little help from SciShow Kids!

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Go on a Hot Air Balloon with Gecko!

Gecko wants to know how hot air balloons work, too. Let’s join him as he watches a real hot air balloon pilot set up his balloon and take to the sky.

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A Whole Bunch of Balloons

One of the largest hot air balloon festivals happens every year in New Mexico. Hundreds of colorful balloons go up into the air. Take a look!


est. 15 min

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Hot and Cold Air in Action!

Today we learned that hot air can help make balloons float. Now try it for yourself!

Other Materials:

An empty plastic bottle; a balloon; two large containers for holding water; hot water and ice

Adult Supervision Required


Attach a rubber balloon to the mouth of an empty plastic bottle. Put out two containers that you can dip the bottom of the bottle into, one for ice-cold water and one for hot water.


Hold the bottom of the bottle in the hot water first and watch as the balloon inflates with warm air. Then move it to the cold water and see what happens!


est. 5 min

The Noon Balloon

In this magical story by Margaret Wise Brown, with pictures by Lorena Alvarez, two children and their dog take to the sky in the noon balloon. Where will they go?


est. 15 min

Balloon Bounce Challenge

Ask a grownup to inflate your balloon, then practice keeping it in the air. Use your hands, feet, or head to keep it bouncing, and make sure it doesn’t touch the ground! How many bounces can you get in a row?

Other Materials:

A balloon