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Flying Machines

For humans, the easiest way into the sky is inside a big metal tube with wings—an airplane. Prepare for takeoff as we learn about these amazing inventions and other flying machines!

For Grown-Ups

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Ask About Today

What’s something new you learned about airplanes?


est. 25 min

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How Do Airplanes Work?

The airplanes we fly in today are huge, heavy machines—so how do they stay up in the air?

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Ready to Soar?

So is Mara, a 13 year-old airplane inventor whose flying machines keep crashing. She’s ready to give up on flight until something magical happens. Find out what in the animated short film, SOAR.

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What’s It Like to Fly?

Well, see for yourself. Strap in with 14-year old pilot Jack Wallace as he takes his first solo glider flight.

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What About Helicopters?

They don’t even have wings! Learn how helicopters work and see a real rescue helicopter in action in this video.


est. 15 min

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Make Your Own Flying Machine!

Out of paper, that is. Paper airplanes are easy and fun to make. Watch this short video from SciShow Kids to see how, and try making one of your own. When you’re done, try folding the wings in different ways. Does it change how your airplane flies?

Toolkit Materials:


est. 5 min

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Angela’s Airplane

A little girl can’t fly an airplane herself… can she? Find out as you listen to the story Angela’s Airplane by Robert Munsch, with pictures by Michael Martchenko.


est. 15 min

Take a Yoga Airplane Ride

Spread those arms wide and go for an airplane ride with Jodi the Yogi!