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For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

Where do lions live?

Content Warning

Today’s Explore activity includes content about predators that some young campers may find upsetting. As always, please use your judgment when sharing with your child. Here is a gentler alternative if you’re looking for one.


est. 25 min

A Lion’s Life

These “kings of the jungle” don’t actually live in the jungle. Learn about the lives of lions in this National Geographic Kids video.


est. 30 min

Animal Painting

Paint your animals, then give them a bath!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Dish soap, scrap paper or newsprint


Lay out a sheet of scrap paper (old grocery bags or newsprint will work, too). Set out creature figurines along with some washable paint, brushes, and a small tub of soapy water.


Blue lions? Red dinosaurs? Paint your creatures any colors you want. Paint their feet to make footprints. Who has the biggest tracks? When you’re done, give them a “bath” in the soapy water.


est. 5 min

Lion Lion

What’s a lion want for lunch? Find out in this story by Miriam Busch.


est. 5 min

Move Like a Lion

Now that you’ve learned about lions, be one! How do lions walk? Crawl? Stretch? Act out your lion life. Don’t forget to ROAR.