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True Story

Not all stories are made up. Real life can make a great story, too! Let’s explore true stories.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What is the difference between a story that is “fiction” and a story that is “nonfiction”?


est. 20 min

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Fiction or Nonfiction?

Some stories are made up, and others are true. In this song, learn about the difference.

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This Is How We Do It

This book tells the true stories of seven kids who live in different parts of the world. What are their lives like? You can find out.

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Maddox’s Life Story

Maddox is telling the story of his life! Listen to all the details and watch as a grown-up draws along with him.


est. 30 min

Photo Life Story

This story is all about you!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Photos of your camper at different points in their life

Adult Supervision Required


Share some photos of your camper at different stages of their life, and tell them some fun facts about their life experiences. Then ask them to write or illustrate some scenes from their life, using the photos as inspiration.


Look at these photos of you! What was your life like in this picture? What were you doing? Tell, write, or draw the story of your life. Ask your grown-up for help with the writing if you need it.


est. 20 min

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Planting Stories

This story is all about Pura Belpré, the first Puerto Rican librarian in New York City. She was also a great storyteller. Listen to this book by Anika Aldamuy Denise, with pictures by Paola Escobar.

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Game Changers

Learn all about Venus and Serena Williams, the famous tennis-playing sisters, in this non-fiction book by Lesa Cline-Ransome, with pictures by James E. Ransome.


est. 15 min

Neighborhood Stories

Sit on your front steps, yard, or the sidewalk in front of your home. (Ask a grown-up to sit with you.) What do you see? Do you see neighbors? Shops? Animals or plants? As you watch, make up a story or draw a picture about what you see.

Adult Supervision Required