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Meet the Author (You!)

We’ve learned so much about stories in this adventure! Now let’s write and illustrate our own book (with a little help from a trusted grown-up or older camper).

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What would you like to write a book about?


est. 60 min

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Elmo’s Story

Elmo is writing his very own story in this full episode of Sesame Street.


est. 30 min

Make Your Own Book

Today, you’ll be the author of your very own story! We’ll use your story bag again for inspiration.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Your story bag, a stapler


Make a blank book by cutting some plain paper in half and stapling the pages together along the left side. Now, ask your camper to pick an object from their story bag and tell you a story about this object. If your camper isn't writing independently yet, write their words on each page of the book as they narrate. Then let them go to work on the illustrations. (Pro tip: Extend this activity by challenging your camper to trace the words on each page of their book.)


Pick an object out of your story bag, then tell your grown-up a story that includes this object. Keep picking objects and adding them to your story until you’re done! Draw pictures to go along with each page of your story. Don’t forget to draw on the cover and give your book a title, too.

Story Starters

Make up silly stories on the computer or tablet with this fun game from Scholastic. (Note to grown-ups: This game requires reading, so pre-readers won’t be able to play without help.)


est. 7 min

The Monster at the End of This Book

In this funny story, YOU are a character, too. Will you keep turning the pages?


est. 5 min

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Yoga Guppy

Try more storytelling yoga with Rashmi and her friend Anushka.