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My Wheels, My Way

Some people use their legs to get around. Some people use wheelchairs. However you move, you’re on a roll!

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What are some things ramps are used for?


est. 20 min

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The Wheelchair Racer

Meet Gabriel. He races in a wheelchair—and he’s super fast!

Building a Ramp on Sesame Street

Big Bird and his friends are busy learning about ramps and making Sesame Street a better place for everyone.


est. 30 min

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Ramp Play

Lean a paper towel tube on some books to set up your ramp. Then send your ball or car rolling down! Try adding more books to make your ramp higher. What happens? Watch this short video for ideas.

Other Materials:

A paper towel tube; a stack of books; a small ball, marble, or car


est. 3 min

My Brother’s Wheeeeelchair

In this story by Salil Chaturvedi, with pictures by Tanvi Bhat, a brother and sister go everywhere together, using his wheelchair to get around.


est. 5 min

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Dance From Your Seat

Find the beat and dance from your seat!

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Chair Workout

Now try these exercises you can do right in your chair.