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Balancing Acts

Could you balance on just one big wheel? What about four tiny wheels? Today, we’re exploring wobbles, bobbles, and how to stay up on wheels.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

  • Your CK Jr. toolkit

  • Tape (masking or painter’s tape works best)
  • Additional toy cars or other vehicles (optional)

Ask About Today

What do you call a bicycle with only one wheel?


est. 30 min

YouTube thumbnail

Can You Balance?

Balance this scale by adding the same amount of weight to both sides. Check it out!

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Baraka Juma’s Unicycle Act

Talk about balance! Have you ever seen a bike with just one wheel? It’s called a unicycle.

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Hello, Hoverboard!

Join the HiHo kids to explore hoverboards.

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Blippi Learns About Skateboards

Blippi’s back with his friend Shaun White, a professional skateboarder and snowboarder. Don’t try this at home!


est. 30 min

Tape Town

Create your own city or town with tape and blocks.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Tape (masking or painter's tape works best); cars or other toy vehicles (optional)


Lay tape on the floor to make “roads.” Put out the blocks, figurines, and optional cars or other play vehicles and let your camper go.


Use your blocks to build a neighborhood around your tape roads. Is there a playground nearby? What about a school?


est. 6 min

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Olivia Saves the Circus

Olivia can do ALL the circus tricks. She can juggle. She can tame a lion. She can even ride a unicycle! Find out what happens next in this story by Ian Falconer.


est. 15 min

The Wheels In Your Neighborhood

Grab a grown-up and go for a walk. Count all the wheels you see along the way. (If you have something with wheels at home, like a bike or scooter, you might want to take it with you!)

Adult Supervision Required