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Baby School

Whether they live on land or in the sea, baby animals learn how to eat, play, and stay safe—just like human babies.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What kind of baby animal would you like to meet?


est. 50 min

Orangutan Preschool

Do orangutans go to school? These little orangutans have to learn how to live in the wild, so their teachers show them. Today’s lesson is all about cracking coconuts.

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Zoo Babies

Visit the zoo to meet some of the baby residents who learn and grow there.


est. 15 min

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Whose Footprint?

Roll your Play Doh into balls, then flatten them into pancakes. Now you can use your fingers or tools to make different animal footprints. What does a bear print look like? What about a raccoon? Watch this video for inspiration before you start!

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

Toothpick or cotton swab and other tools for molding Play Doh (optional)


est. 6 min

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Born in the Wild

Meet Jack, the Kid Conservationist. Listen as he reads “Born in the Wild” by Lita Judge, a book all about baby animals and their parents.


est. 5 min

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Yoga Safari

Stretch, bend, and imagine your way on a safari. Watch for animals along the way!