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Who doesn’t love babies? Whether they’re human, animal, or even plant, babies are always learning and growing—and sometimes getting into trouble, too! In this adventure, we’ll snuggle up with some of the cutest creatures around.

For Grown-Ups

What You’ll Need

Your CKJR Toolkit. What’s in the Toolkit?
  • Blocks (plastic, wooden, cardboard, magnetic—anything to build with!)
  • Play Doh (store bought or homemade)
  • A bin for water, plus cups, scoops, and spoons
  • Figurines (small animals, dinosaurs, or people)
  • A big roll or pad of paper
  • Washable paints, crayons, markers, and any other easy-to-clean art supplies


  • Newsprint, a recycled paper bag or other mess-catcher
  • Dish soap or bath bubbles (optional)
  • Medicine dropper, old toothbrush, and other bath toys (optional)
  • Toothpick, cotton swab, and other tools for molding dough (optional)
  • Stuffed animals or dolls (optional)

Family Activity

Explore the first year in the lives of four babies in four different corners of the world with the 2014 documentary, “Babies,” rentable on YouTube. As always, check out the Common Sense Media review to make sure it’s a good fit for your family. Watch a preview here.