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For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

How do you feel about starting school?


est. 15 min

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Llama Llama Back to School

Llama and his friends have so much fun at school. Watch this video to see some of the things they do together.

Kindergartners Tell Us About School

These kids will tell you all about what happens in their school day.


est. 60 min

Make a Visual Calendar

Get ready for the school year by talking about it with a trusted grown-up. Then make a calendar for your school days!

Toolkit Materials:


If you can, get a copy of your child’s daily schedule from school. Walk them through a day at school so they know what to expect. Talk about important logistical details, too, like where and when they’ll use the toilet and eat their snack and lunch. Then work together to make a calendar that shows what kinds of activities they’ll do in the correct order.


Do you have questions about what the school day will be like? Share your feelings and questions with your grown-up. Then make a calendar with pictures to show what your day will be like. Decorate your calendar and help your grown-up display it somewhere in your home where everyone can see it.