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For Grown-Ups

Ask About Today

What do you need to pack in your bag to bring to school?


est. 10 min

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Let’s Ride the School Bus

What’s it like to ride a school bus? This video will help you practice your bus-riding skills.

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Getting to School Around the World

Not everyone rides in a bus or car to school! Can you imagine flying high over the trees on a zipline? What about walking for hours in the mountains? These kids do it every day.


est. 15 min

Set Up Your Daily Routine

With your grown-up, think about your school day routine. What time will you get up? What do you need to do to get ready to go? Use our daily routine template to make a plan for your day.

Other Materials:

My School Day Routine (linked above!)


est. 5 min

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The King of Kindergarten

"The King" gets ready for his first day of kindergarten, in this fun story by Derrick Barnes, with pictures by Vanessa Brantley-Newton.


est. 60 min

Travel to School!

Take a walk (or a drive or bus ride) to school today.

Adult Supervision Required


Practice your school morning routine with your child. Get up, have breakfast, and do all the things you’ll normally do on a school day. Then travel to school using the transportation method your child will take, if possible. When you get to school, locate the front door, check out the outdoor space (go ahead and play if you can!), and explore the campus so your child knows what to expect.


What do you need to bring with you on a school day? What goes in your backpack? What do you notice when you get to school? Check out the playground or outdoor space, and find the door you’ll go in on your first day.