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Get Ready to Learn

What do you hope to do in school this year? Today, let’s talk about our goals—those are the things we want to accomplish.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What is one new thing you’d like to try, do, or learn in school this year?


est. 10 min

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Use Your Brain

You’re doing so much learning every day, in school and out. What’s happening inside your brain when you’re learning? Learn all about it in this episode of SciShow Kids.

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The Power of Yet

You will try new things at school, and some of them might be hard at first! Sing along with Janelle Monae and her friends on Sesame Street in this video about why it’s important to keep trying.


est. 30 min

Make a Goals and Celebrations Chart

What are some new things you’d like to try, do, or learn in school this year? It’s fun to challenge yourself.

Toolkit Materials:

Other Materials:

My School Years Goals (optional; linked above)


Help your child think about some new things they’d like to accomplish this year. These goals might be academic, social, physical, or anything else. If you want, use our goals template with your child to help make a plan. And don’t forget to talk about how you’ll celebrate their growth this year, too. What are some fun things you can look forward to as a family on a weekly or monthly basis? (Note that these don’t need to be “rewards” for achieving their goals, although sometimes they might be; other times, they might just be small celebrations for getting through the week.)


With your grownup, think about some new things you’d like to try, do, or learn at school this year. Then think about some fun activities or treats you’d like to use to celebrate all the new things you’re doing.