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A river that flows through multiple countries? A train ride that lasts six days? Let’s explore some of the looongest things in the world.

For Grown-Ups

What you’ll need

Ask About Today

What are some of the longest objects you measured today?


est. 25 min

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Welcome to the Nile

How long would it take to float down the Nile River in Egypt, the longest river in Africa? A loooong time. Learn all about it from Raiyah of Kids Black History.

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That’s Quite a Lick!

The award for the longest tongue in the animal kingdom goes to… the Giant Anteater! Its tongue can grow to about two feet long—and it’s sticky enough to pick up ants. Yum!

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The Longest Ride

The Trans-Siberian Express is the longest train ride in the world, going all the way across Russia. Join Mouk to travel along part of this exciting journey.


est. 15 min

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The Measurement Challenge

Elmo’s learning all about measurement today. After you’ve watched the video, try it yourself! Using a tape measure, can you find the longest object in your room? Next, try measuring some other things in your house. Who has the longest shoe in your family? What about the longest arms? Put your blocks in a long line and then measure it. What about a long line of animals?

Other Materials:

A measuring tape or rule


est. 5 min

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Hair Twins

A Sikh father and daughter share a tradition of caring for their long hair in this story by Raakhee Mirchandani, illustrated by Holly Hatam.


est. 5 min

Do Some LONG Jumps

Find a safe, open space and use a piece of string or fabric to mark your starting line, then see how far you can jump! Use a small object to show where you landed. Then try again and see if you can jump even farther. With your tape measure, measure your longest jump. How long was it?

Other Materials:

A tape measure or ruler