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For Grown-Ups

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Ask About Today

What’s one of the biggest creatures you learned about today?


est. 20 min

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Dinosaurs Were HUGE

Dinosaurs are some of the largest creatures to have roamed our planet. But how big were they? And how did they get that big?

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Extra-Big Bugs

The giant weta looks sort of like a grasshopper, but it weighs more than some mice and birds! Get to know the weta and other supersized insects with SciShow Kids.

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The Biggest Animal Ever

The blue whale is the largest animal ever. How large? Well, its tongue weighs more than an elephant! Learn more about the great blue whale and other amazing whale facts in this BBC Earth Kids video.

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Inside a Giant Dump Truck

Some dump trucks are so big, you have to climb up a set of stairs to get in! Let’s take a closer look.


est. 15 min

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Make a Big Play-Doh Boat!

Some of the biggest vehicles in the world are ships! They can carry almost anything. Follow along with this video to make your own big boat. What would be on it?

Toolkit Materials:


est. 5 min

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Giant Tess

Tess is a little girl with a big problem: She’s a giant! Will she ever feel like she fits in?


est. 10 min

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A Big Dino Workout

What are you waiting for? Dinosaurs didn’t get that big just sitting around!